Monday, July 19, 2010

Real Wedding featured in The Knot!

Here's a link to a wedding we did in March of 2009 that is currently featured in The Knot. My first job in New York City in 1999 was at The Knot when only 25 people worked there. It's amazing to me how sometimes life comes full circle! Enjoy.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Color Theory

I am so inspired by this table by Eddie Ross! He is a genius and you should look up his work at along with another fabulous and inspirational blog called "Absolutely Beautiful Things", which I adore. Find it here at:

Sometimes all it takes is one photo to inspire a room or to inspire an entire event! To me, this photo shows a table that could be set in someones gorgeous home or at a club for a bridesmaids' luncheon or a restaurant for an ultra chic baby shower. Whatever the occasion, you can see that Eddie is not afraid of color and neither should you be.

The way Eddie plays the pinks and corals off of the turquoise goblets, candlesticks and napkins is bold and brave and unexpected. The various runners offer a different option than just placing one down the center of the table. The bunches of peonies add an incredibly soft and feminine touch and of course, the pink chiavari chairs do too. They are to die for!!! I cannot wait until the day that we can get chiavaris of all colors in North Carolina...I envy you New Yorkers who can wash a room in color with the choice of chair.

Don't be afraid to mix and match tones! You can see how well it has worked here and what a fun, lively, lovely and lady-like yet tailored look he has created. Look at these two sites for inspiration for your home and your event - I guarantee you'll find something that will set your wheels in motion.


Jenny and Tomas

I want to share with you a photo of my latest couple to get hitched, Jenny and Tomas. They were wed on Saturday at Duke Chapel and then had a gorgeous blow-out celebration afterwards at Bay 7 in Downtown Durham. I'll share some photos with you when I get them from Azul Photography, because it was absolutely beautiful! It was my first purely Latin wedding and I just loved the flavor of the food, music, people and culture. Such a good looking crowd and they danced like it was their last night on earth - I love that!! Enjoy and I'll be back in touch soon with more.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Moment of Truth

I was recently telling a friend a story about a wedding I did on June 26th, and she said to me: "You need to blog about that!!!". It made me realize that there are so many wonderful moments that I experience and that I fail to share with all of you. It's not that I take them for granted, don't get me wrong. Nothing is missed on me. I need to remember though, that it's these types of stories that are inspirations for brides and planners alike; they are the reason we focus so much time, energy, money, anticipation and emotion on the wedding day.

The story is of a bride and groom who met in college. The groom is in the military and has spent the past year in Afghanistan, making it difficult for them to see one another on any regular basis - much less plan the wedding together. Finally, the big day arrived. They were to be married in a church by the bride's childhood pastor, and have a big bash at a converted warehouse later on.

From the outside, everything looked to me to be "normal" - meaning that all of the vendors were lined up, the timeline was set, the key players were in place, the ceremony was ready to start.

Once I got everyone down the aisle, I felt the same exhileration and relief that I normally feel. My former boss in NYC once said to me, "Once the ceremony starts, pop the Champagne. You've done it." And that is really how it feels to get the ceremony going...a big "WHEW" overcomes you.

When the ceremony is over and the family and wedding party recess, I am on the end of the aisle greeting them with the requisite "Congratulations!" and ushering them into the room or hallway where they wait until the guests leave and they can return to the sanctuary for photos. Today was like any other day where I would greet and usher. First to recess were the bride and groom. "Congratulations!", I exclaimed. Normally, the bride and groom are beaming with smiles and casually say thank you and brush by me, full of excitement.

Today was different. When I first saw the bride and groom once they recessed down the aisle, I gave them my familiar greeting. But I noticed that something was different about this couple. They were more in the moment than I've ever seen two people. They were fully aware of what they had just done, and their joy and overwhelming sense of gratefulness to be bound together was palpable. The bride looked at the groom, and she burst into tears. Beautiful, love-filled, elated tears. The groom, usually the strong, masculine force trying not to show too much emotion, returned her look with tears of his own. They had no awareness of what was around them, where they were going, or what was to happen next. They only saw one another in that moment.

To say the very least, I was incredibly moved by this moment. I choked up and stepped back, trying my best to give them space and to allow this special moment together. They made their way into the church's library and they hugged and cried. "We did it", they said quietly to one another. "We did it." And then came some laughter.

This moment said more and meant more than any flower arrangement, any band, any piece of filet, slice of cake, or wedding favor. It meant everything. This moment was why they were getting married, and how they would remember it. It is how I will remember their wedding, to be sure.

Why are you getting married? How will you remember your big day? My advice to you is to keep this sweet couple in your heart and your mind and to really be aware of the giant leap you are taking into a marriage with your partner and your best friend. You are, after all, getting married...not wedding-ed. Try and remember that.